Event details

Title FIA Intercontinental Drifting Cup
Date (Sat) September 30th 2017 & (Sun) October 1st 2017
Place Special course, Daiba Tokyo
Content World’s first FIA authorized drifting world competition.
Authorization FIA
Promoter SUNPROS co., Ltd

What is the FIA Intercontinental Drifting Cup?

Drifting competitions are currently held in more than 40 countries. The FIA sanctioned Intercontinental Drifting Cup (IDC) will be held as a world event where drivers from all around the world gather. The FIA manages world-class races such as Formula1™, WEC™, WRC™, etc. IDC will also be treated in a similar manner (FIA drifting). FIA focuses on not only promoting traffic safety, but motor sports as well. And drifting would be ideal for it is easily accessible due to the fact that the competition does not require a spacious circuit. All you need is an open space and a car. In the near future, IDC would like to convey and showcase the rules of FIA Drifting, so it may be carried out actively all over the world. Since the birthplace of drifting is Japan, and also D1 Grand Prix being one of the world’s most prestigious drifting series, FIA has nominated Tokyo as the premiere stage for hosting the inaugural world competition. A special course amidst the Tokyo metropolis will showcase the world’s best drifting. The first FIA Drifting in history will not only be limited to its fans. Anyone from young children to adults can enjoy the entertainment and excitement of this unique experience.


Electronic scoring systems will be used to assist scoring. This is the same system used in the D1 Drift Grand Prix, measuring speed, changes in yaw, and angle stability. This data will be used to calculate the score for each sectors. Most courses consist of five sectors.

Solo Run
The Solo Run measures how precisely each driver can control their cars. The scoring is based on criteria presented by the judges beforehand, though angle and speed are the main areas for judging.The higher the speed and the bigger the angle, the higher the points. Smooth car movement, and quick entry and exit from a drift are also pluses. However, any spins or large corrections of drifts will result in eductions.

Battle Run
The Battle Run is a one-on-one tournament style competition. For the first round, drivers are paired off based on Solo Run rankings. The cars take turns between the leading car and chasing car. The leading car will show off their best skills, while the chasing car will try to outperform the leading car. If the chasing car can perform a drift with a larger angle or continue the drift while remaining on the inside of the leading car, the chasing car wins the round. On the other hand, if the leading car can distance itself from the chasing car, or can perform a longer or more angled drift, the leading car wins the round. Any understeer, spins, or messy driving will result in deductions. Faster and more powerful cars do not necessarily have an advantage as they will have to adjust their speed to a slower lead car, making the race that much more interesting.