【16th October Event Report】
FIA IDC 2018 TOKYO DRIFT Promotional Event was held in SHIBUYA.

In early morning, Masato Kawabata’s car “Greddy 35RX spec-D (R35 GT-R)” was brought in to the front of the world-famous SHIBUYA 109. And it kept attracting the pedestrians and drift fans for the whole day.

2017 Champion Masato Kawabata, Competition Honorary Advisor Keiichi Tsuchiya,
D1 GP Color Commentator Manabu Suzuki, FIA IDC 2018 campaign girls Yuki Fujiki and Miyabi Kojima held three talk shows in the day and appealed the fascination of drifting and the significance of FIA IDC.


Between those talk shows, Masato Kawabata visited Lawson Store and acted as a 1-day manager to promote TOKYO DRIFT.

Also, the “Drift Car Appearance” was held on the same day. FIA IDC 2018 entrant, Daychapon Toyingcharoen’s (Pond) “LYZER Z334” and D1 Grand Prix TOKYO DRIFT entrant Takahiro Ueno’s “VERTEX D1 SOARER” appeared in various places in Tokyo on a car loader.
At the event space, Monster energy drinks were distributed to the attendants.


At night, lighted up “Greddy 35RX spec-D (R35 GT-R)” gathered a big crowd around and many people were taking photos.

The event was attended by so many people and was a great success. Thank you very much for those who attended!
And we are especially grateful for joining the SNS campaign held at the event.
See you again on 3rd – 4th November FIA IDC 2018 TOKYO DRIFT


【TOKYO DRIFT Schedule】
3rd November: D1 GRAND PRIX Series Rd.8 Final
                           FIA Intercontinental Drifting Cup 2018 Practice
4th November: FIA Intercontinental Drifting Cup 2018 Final


FIA IDC 2018 tickets are still available. Only a limited number left!


Chances to win TOKYO DRIFT tickets!
For those who took pictures of the “Promotional Events at SHIBUYA 109” or “Drift Car Appearance”, there is still a chance to win TOKYO DRIFT special invitation tickets!!!
To join this opportunity, please post the photos with a hash-tag [#TOKYO_DRIFT] on your SNS accounts!
Details are as follows.

【Ticket Winning Opportunity for You!】
Applicable Period: 16th October 9:00AM – 21st October 23:59PM
To Join: Post the photos of one of the events listed below on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
   ◆SHIBUYA 109 promotional event
      ・talk show
      ・Greddy 35RX spec-D (R35 GT-R)
   ◆Drift Car Appearance
      ・Daychapon Toyingcharoen’s (Pond) LYZER Z334
      ・Takahiro Ueno’s VERTEX D1 SOARER
Prize: TOKYO DRIFT Special Invitation Ticket!!!!!
Winning Announcement: The winner will receive a message on your SNS account on 22nd October.
*If the message would not be replied within the deadline, the ticket you won will be invalid.
*private accounts cannot join