Entries open online for FIA Intercontinental Drifting Cup 2018

The FIA Intercontinental Drifting Cup has today, 23 July, opened its online application process for entries. The event will be the second international FIA-sanctioned drifting competition, called FIA IDC Tokyo Drift 2018, and will be held at Daiba, Tokyo, on 2 – 4 November 2018. 24 drives from 14 countries participated and conducted a heroic battle at the inaugural event last year, which was an exciting first step in creating a top-level competition for this rapidly growing discipline. With a great deal of interest from potential entrants and drifting series promoters around the world, the FIA IDC Tokyo Drift 2018 is expected to become even bigger and more spectacular this time around.


The deadline for entries will be 31st August 12:00(UTC), after which time, a selection committee will review the applications and the entry list for the event will then be published by 10th Sep.


Conditions for entry are as follows:



・Drivers will be evaluated by the FIA, and detailed information on past achievements may be requested
・Priority will be given to those having achieved one of the highest-place in a national or regional drift series in the world.
・Once the applications process has closed, a selection committee will decide the successful candidates
・Drivers must have international driver license of at least D1 (FIA license {FIA I.S.C. -Appendix-L art.2.7}) issued by an ASN
・The cars must conform to the latest FIA safety guidelines. Technical and sporting regulations for the FIA IDC 2018 will be released on 31 July on Official Website
・Entrants must pay the participation fee, 3500 USD, by 20th Sep, otherwise you lost your entry qualification.
・Entrants must pay the tire service and fuel cost during the event.
・Entrants must apply the any video camera on the cars and not to use movies without any permission by the promoter.
*Candidates will be contacted directly by the FIA regarding their applications. *Contact does not guarantee entry to the FIA IDC. *Competitors will be informed directly of the regulations by the promoter. *If your driver does not have any international license, please apply FIA IDC on the condition of obtaining license from your country’s ASN.


Entrant Expense

Participation fee: 3,500 USD / 1 Car
Includes FIA entry fee: 2,500 USD and Passes: 1,000 USD (3 Crews including drivers)
*Additional Crew must pay 350 USD for the pass / an additional crew

□ Option

Accommodation Fee: 3,500 USD/1 Team (3 Crews including drivers)
Includes hotels (4 nights), lunch meals at venue (3 days), domestic transportation by bus in Japan. Extra personnel will incur additional fee. Please inquire for further details.


Promoter Subsidy
Sea shipping costs for the car equipment will be covered by the promoter according to the organization guidelines.
*Depending on the country of origin, sufficient time will need to be given to ensure arrival at the destination point



31th Aug 12:00(UTC)
■Entry form:http://fiadriftingcup.com/2018/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/FIA_IDC_2018_ENTRY_FORM.zip
■Contact Us:entry@fiadriftingcup.com
■Official Web Site:www.fiadriftingcup.com


Event details

Competition Name: FIA Intercontinental Drifting Cup Tokyo Drift 2018
Date: 2 – 4 Nov 2018
Place: Daiba, Tokyo
Governing body: FIA
Promotor: SUNPROS


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Media Contact: press@fiadriftingcup.com


About the FIA

Founded in 1904, the FIA’s initial aim was to bring coherent governance and safety to motor sport.
The FIA has since grown into a global organization that not only promotes motor sport, but also safe, sustainable and accessible mobility for all road users across the world. As such, the Federation works across three key interlinked areas of activity – Sport, Campaigns and Mobility.


About the SUNPROS

SUNPROS’s predecessor company was a Japanese automobile magazine company that has been in operation since 1947. Then started a business using video contents as a product from 1988, and started drift competition since 2001. This became the first drift competition in the world, and eventually spreads to the world.
Currently it operates the D1 Grand Prix, and is the cutting edge of drift competition development with the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF).