Tsukuba Super Lap race is to be held, where the top teams will battle to achieve the fastest lap by as little as a tenth of a second.

The FIA Intercontinental Drifting Cup 2019 Tsukuba Drift will hold the “Tsukuba Super Lap (TSL)”, by inviting Japan’s top contenders of Time Attack car racing teams to participate.

Tsukuba Circuit is renowned as a mecca of Time Attack racing by car enthusiasts both in Japan and worldwide.

Lap time is a very crucial indicator to evaluate the potential of the car and driving techniques. Therefore, car manufactures, tuning shops and private teams have built and developed cars to compete for the fastest lap time, even by as little as a tenth of second.

Time Attack racing has developed to be called as “Super Lap” and risen in popularity around the world. The international “World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC)” has recently been held in Australia.

“The fastest lap is the winner”

The result is so obvious at a first glance of the lap time. Spectators can also enjoy the event from different aspects, including watching the setting up of machines and the preparation process to challenge the one lap time attack when one mistake could be fatal,

Current top team in the tuning car ranking is “SCORCH ADVAN SILVIA”. Its strong rival is the 2nd ranking “ESCORT EVO 9” who carried out a huge update including the reduction of 100 kg of car weight during the off-season period. This team seems to be ready to regain the lead as in their last test they were able to break their own best record by a significant amount.

In addition, cars from other categories will challenge the Time Attack to break their own record, such as the fastest team in the NA category , “SAME7♡FULLSTAGE☆ENDLESS”, and FFNA course record holder, “ASLAN TON CIVIC”.

It will be a great opportunity to witness the moment of record breaking at Tsukuba Circuit.


Machine Driver Fastest Lap
ESCORT Evo9 [CT9A] Yoshiki Ando 51.119
AutoBahn JYOYO-FUDOUSAN JZZ30 [JZZ30] Kunihiko Bando 53.680
FRIENDS SILVIA [S15] Toru Inose 53.821
CAR SHOP DREAM KJM VOLTEX 7 [FD3S] Tetsuhiro Kurokawa 55.535
SAME7♡FULLSTAGE☆ENDLESS [FD3S] Hiroyuki Iiri 55.595
ASLAN TON CIVIC [EG6] Ryusen Ito 56.380