News 2021

FIA IDC Top 16 drifters determined for the final day

Qualifying victor Damir Idiyatulin, local hero 16-years old Nikolass Bertans alongside James Dean, Charles Ng and other drivers made it into Top 16.

Unlike in qualifying, which was held entirely on a dry track, it started raining soon after the Race Opening Ceremony, wetting the asphalt. And then it started raining, which caused real rivers of water on some parts of the track. This complicated the paired races.

Only 8 qualify leaders — Damir Idiyatulin, Jack Shanahan, James Deane, Benediktas Cirba, Nikolass Bertans, Alex Golovnya, Kristaps Bluss and Max Miller — who due to lack of rivals automatically qualified to the Top-16. They had to drive bye run race alone, and it was not necessary to drift — it was enough to drive to the start of the appreciated section. But all except the winner of the qualifying, used their bye run to practice on the wet track. 

In the Tandem Battles Grzegorz Hypki beat Pawel Grosz, Evgenii Losev prevailed in the battle against Joshua Reynolds, Arkadiy Tsaregrdatsev was better than Jerome Vassia and Ivo Cirulis knocked out from the competition local driver Edgars Krogeris. On the other side of the Top 32 grid Oliver Randalu was better than Massimo Checchin and two-time FIA IDC winner Georgy Chivchyan beat Manuel Vacca. Marco Zakouril and Charles Ng also made it through, defeating Kodua Nodo and Michal Reichert respectively.

The following pilots made it to the Top 16:

Damir Idiyatulin — Grzegorz Hypki
Max Miller — Evgenii Losev
Benediktas Cirba — Arkadiy Tsaregradtsev
Nikolass Bertans — Ivo Cirulis
Jack Shanahan — Randalu Oliver
Kristaps Bluss — Georgy Chivchyan
James Deane — Marco Zakouril
Alex Golovnya — Charles Ng

The final races of FIA IDC-2021 will be held on Sunday — at 15:00 (Riga time) the top 16 will start, followed by the top 8, top 4 and the final, which will name a new champion of the FIA Intercontinental Drifting Cup.