News 2021


David Kalas, Vernon Zwaneveld and Haiko Simonian will be in charge of judging the world’s best drifters at this year’s FIA Intercontinental Drifting Cup.

David Kalas from the Czech Republic has worked at competitions in 15 countries worldwide, including the Drift Masters European Championship, the Japanese D1GP and the RDS GP. A member of the FIA Drifting Commission as Judges’ Representative, Kalas was the head of the team that developed the template for Drifting Sporting Regulations before the event.

The next one is Vernon Zwaneveld, one of the fathers of drifting in Belgium and the Netherlands. Vernon is one of the official judges of the Drift Kings competition and judge of the FIA Motorsport Games.

Last but not least, Haiko Simonian is a 40-years old specialist with a truly great experience. He was one of the organizers of the Belarus Drifting championship in 2009 and the Eastern European Drift Championship a year after. Since Haiko began his drifting judge career in 2010, he has worked in Russia, Latvia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Poland and many other countries.

The FIA IDC will be held on June 11-13 at the Bikernieki Circuit in Riga. The venue's configuration and high-speed track demand excellent skills and total commitment from drifting aces. An unprecedented show is guaranteed! Moreover, this year a Team Title will also be awarded for the first time, and Aimol Racing is only one of the contenders for the new award.